Cascade, 1987
Dorchester Hospital, Dorset, UK

Commissioned by Dorset Health Authority

The commission proposal was for a site specific water feature to be constructed in the central courtyard of Dorchester Hospital, Dorset.

Part of the brief was that the natural slope in one corner of the courtyard had to be became an integral part of the design and function of the work, along with incorporating the existing courtyard layout and existing brickwork. All the large Portland stone blocks, fixing and carving materials, bricks and cement all had to be carted through the hospital and the excess soil and materials, barrowed out the same way. The large pool was created by excavating an area within the existing brickwork.

Materials: Portland stone. Dimensions: Length 12 metres

   Cascade  , Dorchester, Dorset 1987

Cascade, Dorchester, Dorset 1987

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 work in progress

work in progress

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