Doncaster Gateway

Doncaster Gateway (Gillits Bar) 1997
Doncaster, UK

Commissioned by Doncaster City Council

Commissioned by Doncaster Council following an international competition, this sculpture was seen as an integral part of the redevelopment of the towns High Street and a large public art programme funded by an EU grant. The Commission brief was for a sculpture to act as a formal gateway entrance into the city.

The title Gillits Bar was taken from the name of the original medieval gateway that once stood on this site.

Materials: Portland stone and slate. Dimensions: Height 5.5 metre

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2. Doncaster Gateway.jpg
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6. Doncaster Gateway.jpg
9. Doncaster Gateway construction.jpg
8. Doncaster Gateway construction.jpg
Doncaster Gateway construction.jpg
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10. Doncaster Gateway maquette.jpg