The Way  , Durham 1994


The Way, 1994
Wharton Park, Durham, UK

The work was originally commissioned by British Rail and exhibited at the 1990 Gateshead Garden Festival. At the completion of the festival, Durham City Council requested that the sculpture be moved to Wharton Park, on a hill overlooking Durham Cathedral as part of the celebrations to mark its 1000th anniversary. 

The new work was specifically redesigned for this unique position. It is centred on the cathedral, lined up with the central tower.

The park has recently been redeveloped and re-landscaped to include a new ‘The Way’ café, which it overlooks the sculpture.

Material: Portland stone. Dimensions: 2.5 x 5 x 1.5m (main sculpture)

   The Way  , Durham 1994

The Way, Durham 1994

   The Way   and Durham Cathedral

The Way and Durham Cathedral

The Way 3r.jpg
3. The Way.jpg
 working maquette

working maquette

   The Way   cafe, 2017

The Way cafe, 2017